SELLER-You paid cash for your land and you are looking for a nice monthly dividend. This is great way to diversify your portfolio & create cash flow.


BUYER-You are close to retirement age. You need to diversify your investments with land because you are too heavy in the stock market.


BUYER-Just starting out, not much cash on hand but can afford a monthly investment. You eventually want to build a dream home or just diversify. 

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Seller Financing is for Everyone

SELLER-You've owned your land and watched it appreciate. You'd love to have a monthly income. You are looking to simplify your life.

5 Great Reasons to Buy Arizona Land now

1.  it's Still a buyers market--But maybe not for long

You can still find the deals and incentives to buy premium parcels. When the market swings back (and it's already starting to) you'll either be the proud owner of a significant asset or the happy seller making a good profit. It's a win-win situation.  See an example of a random zip code's historical land sales here.

2. You can lower your cost of living without lowering your expectations.

Arizona offers a lifestyle made for these times: low taxes, low cost of living coupled with a high quality of life. A larger lot gives you the profound pleasure of walking outside your front door and owning a view that doesn't include the side of your neighbor's house.

3. Financing is available.

Some sellers offer seller financing. That means no banks involved.  The down payment and rate are negotiable. We use a mortgage servicer to collect and record timely payments. They can handle your property tax payments also. I work directly with some lenders who are now offering bank financing and construction loans as well.

4. Land is a solid alternative to stocks.

When it comes to hard assets, it's hard to beat a parcel of land. Once it's yours, you can walk out on it, you can camp on it, you can build on it. In other words, you can actively enjoy your land from the minute you buy it. Try that with a stock. Or a bond. See an example of a random zip code's historical land sales here.

5. Land is a great investment for those who see the big picture.

Even in the best of times, stock predictions might reach out as far as six months to a year--and we all know how wrong those predictions can be. On the other hand, land isn't normally as volatile as stocks and bonds, but current prices are still somewhat low (and rising). And, historically, land has appreciated.​