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The land market is heating up!!  

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             If you are going to buy or sell in a particular area, it makes sense to use an area specialist.                 See below for my recent South Mountain area sales history.  

Please view my page to see the kind of marketing that brings the buyers and really shows the buyers more about buying in South Mountain. 

18324 S. 23rd Ave. Phoenix                        1 Acre                $85,000           Click to view listing   NEW!!

11788 S. 40th Ave. Laveen AZ                    1 Acre                $85,000            Click to view listing   Recently Reduced!

2429 W. Lodge Dr. Phoenix AZ                  2.69 Acres         $250,000           Click to view listing

11521 S. 38th Ave. Laveen AZ                    1.11 Acres          $90,000           Click to view listing   

3719 W. Fox Road Laveen AZ                   1.02 Acres          $80,000            Click to view listing

​2850 E. South Mountain Ave. Phoenix          .36 Acre           $75,000           Click to view listing 

9725 S. 20th Ave. Phoenix                           1.10 Acres           $120,000       Click to view listing

8715 S. 24th Way Phoenix                            .36 Acre             $255,000        Click to view listing  ​​ 

1141 E. Roeser Rd. Phoenix                       1.45 Acre           $229,000         Click to view listing​   Multi-Family Motivated!!

 9825 S. 35th Ave. Laveen​                          4.75 Acres           $500,000        NOT on MLS yet.

100XX S. 41st Dr. Laveen                               5 Acres            $320,000        Click to view listing   Not on MLS / Seller may split

43rd & 44th Ave. 2 lots Laveen                     2+ Acres          TOO LOW!       Click to view listings


9725 S. 20th Ave. Phoenix, AZ                      1 Acre            $78,000          Closed- Represented Seller (sold for full price)

3975 E. Beverly Rd. Phoenix, AZ                   .60 Acre         $185,000       Closed-Represented Seller & Buyer  (closed in 7 days)

4122 W. Carver Rd. Laveen, AZ                   1.02 Acre          $65,000         Closed-Represented Seller

3635 W. Dobbins Rd. Laveen,                      1.8 Acre           $160,000        Closed-Represented Seller

3922 W. Sunrise Dr. Laveen, AZ                    2 Acres            $89,000           Closed-Represented Seller

4536 W. Siesta Way, Laveen                         1.1 Acre          $87,500            Closed- Represented Buyer

1425 E. Dobbins  Phoenix, AZ                       .48 Acre           $60,000            Closed-Represented Seller

2510 W. Elliot Rd.  Phoenix, AZ                      1.5 Acre           $200,000          Closed-Represented Seller

19XX W. McNeil St. Phoenix, AZ                    1.13 Acre           $70,000         Closed-Represented Buyer 

11626 S. 28th Ave. Phoenix, AZ                      1.88 Acre         $145,000          Closed-Represented Buyer 

2002 W. Olney Ave. Phoenix, AZ                     2.13 Acre         $225,000          Closed-Represented Seller 

11015 S. 27th Ave. Phoenix, AZ                      1.69 Acre         $105,000          Closed-Represented Buyer & Seller


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